One of the main methods of sustaining a warm atmosphere in your home when it’s cold out, is to get your heater on and running. You will be quite glad that you invested in one, especially when you realize how cold the weather tends to get at certain times in the winter.

Once you have your heater in place, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s in shape for the next cold season. Proper maintenance and repairs are pretty good for It’s also a good idea to learn about some simple ways that you can assist your heater in warming your home up, without running the bill up too much. That’s what this post is going to show you.

• Make use of those heavy curtains you’ve got stored p there. They will help serve as a form of insulation, making it hard for the heat generated inside your home, to escape.
• Ensure that you keep your home well insulated, especially in areas like the attic and basement. It can lower your energy bill by 45%
• Look for cracks and gaps throughout your home and seal them up using weather stripping, gap fillers and door snakes.
• Use pelmets above your curtain to ensure that cold air cannot enter the room and alter the temperature in the house.
• If you know you are going to be using certain rooms during the winter, heat them up to about 20 degrees Celsius.
• If you aren’t going to use certain rooms in the house, close them up so that your heater doesn’t have to use energy to heat them up.
• Let the sun shine through your house – it’s (obviously) a great source of heat and you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make in a cold room.
• Reduce heat loss from your hot water tank to your taps and reduce the energy you need to heat your water up, by using insulating tape to wrap your external hot water pipes. Do this and you’ll still be able to enjoy your nice, hot showers in the cold of the winter.
• Remember to wear warm clothes, instead of focusing on just warming up the air and water in the house. It can save you a huge amount of money.
• Call us to maintain your heater for you. You should essentially have it serviced every 2 years to make sure it runs efficiently. Have it repaired when necessary as well.

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