You may find that after a while of using your heating system and furnace, you might have to perform some repairs on them. There are a number of reasons that both these systems may be down. We’re going to show you some of the reasons you may encounter these problems.


  • If you were not maintaining your home heating system and furnace regularly or efficiently, you may soon realize that there are a lot of problems beginning to happen with them. You may experience unexpected breakdowns, higher energy cost, and more.
  • A lack of month replacement of the furnace, results in dirty or clogged filters, which can lower the life expectancy and efficiency of your furnace. Dirty filters will restrict the air flow of your unit, causing it to have to work harder to circulate the toasty air throughout the rooms of your house.
  • Your furnace or heating system may be experiencing mechanical wear and tear. There are certain mechanical parts which are essential for their proper operation of the systems, but if they are not in good working condition, you may experience problems like air flow problems, poor heating control, or furnace overheating.
  • There may be ignition control or pilot problems which may results in intermittent or no heat at all.
  • Your heating system or furnace may be experiencing thermostat malfunctions which may result in the lack of heat, no fan or intermittent heat.

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