Life in Ottawa means that you absolutely must have heating and cooling and the associated costs with home comfort are something that we all can’t avoid because we have to heat the house in the winter time and cool it down on scorching summer days. There are however some measures that you can take as a family to reduce your energy costs while maintaining optimum home comfort throughout the year.

One great thing to do as a family is to have a discussion over home heating and cooling costs so that everyone is on the same page. This can help to prevent some unnecessary fights over the thermostat and keep the peace in your home. Through a family discussion over the heating and cooling of your home and your energy costs, your family members who were previously unaware of the costs associated with changing the dial on your heat to subtropical levels will now understand the significance of their actions and be more considerate of the household temperature levels in relation to their costs.

The next aspect that helps with this conversation about home heating and cooling in Ottawa is to make a family pledge about using the heat and air conditioning appropriately to work together as a family unit to conserve energy whenever possible.

Although this next part doesn’t related to home heating and cooling systems, it can help in some cases to reduce your energy costs at least on your electrical bill. A way to help reduce your electricity bill is to dedicate a day or even multiple days in the week to electronic-free days where the entire family goes the entire day without using tablets and computers etc. to help keep your costs down. Choosing a day each week to minimize the use of technology and electronics in your home can also bring your family closer together with activities such as playing board games etc. that do not require electricity and are a lot of fun with the kids.

Lastly, another great option to keep your home heating and cooling costs down is to coordinate schedules for various things and use a programmable thermostat around those schedules. Even setting the thermostat a couple degrees cooler in the winter and a couple degrees warmer in the summer for part of the day will save your family money on your heating and cooling bills.