Many homeowners ask Capital City Heating and Cooling, the premiere heating and cooling Ottawa professional HVAC installation and repair service, just how to know when their heating and cooling systems should be upgraded. Because maintaining proper temperature and humidity inside a home is crucial to the health and comfort level of all of its occupants, it’s very important to know when to replace outdated heating or cooling equipment.

First, you can call Capital City Heating and Cooling to schedule a general maintenance call on both your current heating and cooling systems. Not only are we among the most trusted furnace repair Ottawa services in the region, we also handle air conditioner repair Ottawa. Rather than wait until a problem surfaces, we recommend that homeowners schedule our technician to do a thorough inventory and cleaning of both your furnace and air conditioning equipment so we can make a proper evaluation.

At the time we perform this maintenance service call, we can determine if there are any small problems likely to get larger and more expensive if left unattended. If either your furnace or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, we can also determine whether providing you with our first-rate furnace repair Ottawa service or thorough air conditioner repair Ottawa service is actually your best investment. We certainly won’t recommend the replacement of equipment unless your current HVAC systems are likely to keep breaking down or are not performing up to optimum levels to keep your home environment comfortable, no matter the season.

We will also ask you if you notice if your furnace or air conditioning system has been running overtime here of late, a sure sign that the equipment is wearing out. Third, we’ll check to see if you notice that you are spending more and more every year on your energy costs, a likely sign that your current HVAC equipment has air leaks or other issues that are winding up costing you more money.

You can trust our heating and cooling Ottawa service to be honest and forthright when it comes to recommending either repair or the installation of new, more energy efficient equipment. Don’t wait until an HVAC problem develops on either the coldest or hottest day of the year. You can make a more cost effective decision about upgrading your heating or cooling system when you invite Capital City Heating & Cooling to perform routine maintenance that lets you know if repair or replacement is your best option.