Pets can bring you countless hours of comfort and fun. That is until their antics cause issues with your HVAC unit. Luckily, there are measures that you can take to guard your system and your cherished companions. If can be something as simple as tucking away wires to can make all the difference. Eventually, you, your pet and your chequebook will be happier.

Puppies and kittens are unquestionably gorgeous even when their mischief lands them in a dilemma. Their innocent play can end up in catastrophe if you do not seek to guard them against unknown dangers. Examples include exposed HVAC wires which can be a huge attraction for young, as well grown pets. As part of your HVAC maintenance routine, be sure to tuck all wires into conduits and out of your pet’s reach.

You may be aware of how important it is to clean and change your HVAC filter on a regularly. As a pet owner, you should take a few more anticipatory maintenance steps or their fur will clog the filter and strain your system. All you would need to do as part of your HVAC system maintenance, is check and replace the filter more often when your pets are in the shedding season.  Regular baths and grooming will reduce the amount of fur that goes into the ventilation system, and can help reduce the amount of pet hair your filter deals with. A clogged filter can cause your unit work harder and can cause it to freeze up, which could require hours to thaw.

One of your cleverest investment may have been installing a pet door that allows your cat or dog access to your backyard whether you are home or not. Regrettably, your energy bill is not praising you and neither is your HVAC unit. Of course, a part of HVAC system upkeep is locating and repairing drafts to reduce strain on your system. This would include guaranteeing that your pet door is properly sealed to prevent warm and cool air from escaping your home.

Another important tip for pet owners is to protect your system’s condenser. The condenser is generally located at the back or side of your house and within your pet’s reach. They are quite likely to cause some considerable damage to your condenser. Instead of dealing with repair bills, try fencing off the area to ensure your pets cannot reach the unit.

One of the best HVAC tips we have for pet owners is to invest in a programmable thermostat. It allows you to change the temperature while you are at work or away from the house.

As a pet owner, you do all you can to make sure that your furry friend is safe and comfortable. Ensuring that your HVAC unit is not a danger to your pet is one step to accomplishing that. Take the time to follow the simple steps to keep your pet and your HVAC system safe, happy and healthy.

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