The filter in your home’s air conditioner unit is an important part of it – it plays a huge role in the overall functioning of your system. Not only does it keep the air that comes out clean, but It also serves the purposes of improving the energy efficiency of the unit and ensuring that you can avoid costly air conditioning repairs.
If you don’t replace your air conditioner filter, there are a number of things that can happen. We’ll show you what they are.


  • Your air conditioner may begin to short-cycle. Instead of cycling on and off occasionally during the day, you may realize that those cycles occur much more frequently than they should during the day. That results in wasted energy, temperature fluctuations and noisy operating.
  • Your air conditioner may begin to freeze up. If your air filter is dirty, you’re A/C will restrict the flow of cold air and will cause it to build up inside the unit and then decrease the temperature in there. It may result in the formation of ice coils.
  • Your air conditioner may begin to cool unevenly. If you’re A/C doesn’t freeze up because of the lowered internal temperatures, then it may cause uneven cooling (hot and cool spots. This also lowers the comfort levels, while you pay much more in energy costs.
  • You may begin to notice an allergen buildup. A dirty air filter can cause allergens to build up in it and stay there. If you don’t replace your filters, you can even end up with mold in your ducts.
  • Your air conditioner may begin to wear out. If you don’t maintain them properly, the dust and dirt inside your unit will begin to build up and lead to very serious and expensive component repair or replacement issues in the future.
  • Your air conditioner may experience reduced system efficiency. With a dirty air filter, your air conditioning unit will utilize a lot more power to cool down your home and cause you to pay much more on your bill.


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