Now we all know air conditioning can be pretty expensive, making up the majority of a household’s electricity bill. A necessary evil one might say. To prevent yourself from melting or frying like an egg, air conditioning is usually the way to go. However, what if there were ways to reduce an electricity bill while still staying as cool as a cucumber? Caught your attention now have I? Here are some tips to reduce costs but remain cool during the summer.

Tune ups:

Getting your systems regularly checked and cleaned can lead to higher efficiency in your HVAC systems, that is, there would be cooler air produced but with less energy. When systems get dirty and old, they need to use more energy to produce the same temperature air, and so, your bill keeps rising higher and higher.


Using fans are an inexpensive way to cool the home if used accurately and if the correct type is used. Fans, via the wind chill effect, do not lower the temperature but simply provide a cooling effect. Finding out where to place the types of fans one will get for the home will help with efficiency because depending on the type of fan the advice may vary. One piece of advice that would be applied regardless of the type would be to get fans that spin in both directions, that is, clockwise and counter clockwise. Counterclockwise motion creates a breeze and clockwise motion creates an updraft which is helpful for the winter.

Programmable Thermostats:

Some thermostats can be programmed to raise and lower the temperature according to the time of day. Instead of keeping the thermostat at one temperature whether you’re in the house or not, it can be programmed to keep the place cooler when you’re there and less cool when you’re not. There are now even smart thermostats that can be controlled by one’s smart phone or even know when you’re home!

Ductless A/C:

These are newer more efficient systems that may have a bit of extra cost to install but once it’s there working for you it certainly saves you money in the long run. It can be installed in specific rooms for example bedrooms and living rooms. That way the specific room can be set to the desire temperature while the thermostat is set to a higher temperature in the rest of the house.

Light Bulbs:

As much as one may say this may be inconsequential, it actually does make a difference to use more efficient bulbs, these being, LED lights. Incandescent light bulbs emit a lot of heat and therefore use more energy.

Now with these few tips you are ready to face the summer heat and a lower bill. Yay!

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