If you own a home that has central heating and cooling then you have likely been concerned about your air ducts and wondered about having them professionally cleaned. Many HVAC cleaning companies recommend cleaning your vents to remove dust and particles as a form of creating a healthier home environment. Some even use scare tactics and tell customers that failure to do so can lead to some serious illnesses or that cleaning your ducts will remove your house of dust. In most cases this is just pure fiction and not true at all.

First off, dust is everywhere and you create it when you open a door or walk and dust isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If it was that bad we would all have breathing problems as it is literally everywhere. That being said, there are some times where duct cleaning makes sense and the best reason is that it can affect your pocket book. Having your ducts cleaned can improve the overall efficiency of your home heating and cooling system and that can lead to some significant cost savings that outweigh the cost of having the ducts professionally cleaned.

While there may be some inherit health benefits, there are no conclusive studies that show that having your home heating and cooling ducts cleaned will lead to a healthier home or air quality. However, depending on the age of  your ducts or their current condition, there may be things like mould growing inside portions of the duct and mould is not good to inhale of course and can lead to respiratory issues. In this case it is best to clean the ducts at a minimum but ultimately it is far better to just replace the mouldy portion of the duct with a new piece. This can ensure the mould is gone and won’t spread throughout your entire duct system.

There are other times where cleaning your ducts make a lot of sense such as if there are rodents or vermin in the duct system but ultimately the main reason you should do duct cleaning is for the energy cost-savings from running a more efficient home heating and cooling system in your home.

If you are concerned about how your home heating and cooling vents are performing then it may be time for a professional inspection. The cost savings can be worth it – just make sure you are cleaning your vents for the right reason as the air quality is likely just fine and not going to improve with a duct cleaning.

If your home heating and cooling system is outdated or not performing well then it may be time to upgrade to a newer system. We are frequently running promotions that can get you an upgraded home heating and cooling system at a discount and the new energy efficient units will definitely lead to cost savings down the road on your energy bills. Give us a call or contact us online to discuss possible options within your budget.