Air conditioners, like any other heating or cooling units, may eventually experience problems in operation. It’s no surprise to experience many of these problems that you’re going to read below. Here, we’re going to show you some of the problems that may occur as a result of lack of maintenance, improper installation, bad service procedures and more. Check them out.

• The refrigerant may be leaking, especially if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant. You will need to have one of our professionals over to fix the leak and ensure the success of the repair. Your unit works best when its refrigerant level exactly matches the specifications of the manufacturer.

• There may not be adequate maintenance, resulting in the improper functioning of your air conditioner. The coils and filters may become quite dirty and cause the fans or compressor to fail.

• The air conditioner may experience electric control failure, in which the compressor and fan controls wear out. This happens especially when the unit is frequently turned on and off. You should have a professional look at this and address the possible corrosion of wires and terminals as well.

• There may be thermostat sensor problems, which may cause the air conditioner to behave irregularly, if it is knocked out of place. Try adjusting the position of the sensor by bending the wire that holds it in that position.

• Drainage problems may occur when the condensate drain is clogged and the environment is very humid, especially when they are not mounted up properly.

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