You definitely need to avoid having any air conditioning problems, especially when you start to feel the fury of the summer coming along. How will you survive that heat if you ever happen to experience any of these air conditions issues?


Most times, air conditioners are likely to last from 10 to 15 years, but that means that there are going to be problems occurring and repairs necessary for your unit. The problems are usually related to the quality of the installation/service and by the lack of maintenance. We really want to show you what some of the most common problems related to your air conditioning are.


  • If you realize that your air condenser is not running, it may be cause by a tripped breaker or maybe a problem with thermostat, the handler or furnace and the connecting electrical components.


  • You may realize that there is some inadequate air cooling. According to the intensity of the heat outside, you may not necessarily achieve the temperature that you want from the air conditioning unit. For instance, if it is 100 degrees outside, then you may not get a temperature below 80 degrees inside your home. It may be possible that your unit or your ductwork aren’t the right size for your home.


  • If the air conditioning unit is not running, but it isn’t releasing cool air, you should check the thermostat connections and the outdoor unit. The two may be have been disconnected or the levels of refrigerant are lacking.


  • If the air conditioner continuously shuts on and off, it may be because there is an issue with the evaporator of the condenser unit – it is called short cycling.


  • There may be electrical failures in the condenser and fan controls or there may be the fact that the water isn’t effectively draining into the condensation pans. Usually, these occur on very hot, humid days.



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