Summer’s the hottest time of the year! That’s the time when everyone wears their short shorts, their tank tops, their vests, their sundresses, their sandals and their sunscreen. That’s the time when you want to be out and about enjoying the weather, while trying not to get too burnt up from the very harsh rays of the sun. Yes, the sun can be really scorching in the summer – both out in the street and inside your house – but there are a number of things you can do to help stay cool and enjoy your summer.

If you’re going to be on the inside for most of the summer, that means you’ll probably be using a lot of energy with your air conditioner unit. You won’t want to see your energy bill at the end of the month, unless you take some energy-saving tips into consideration.

  • You can use your AC as normal during the day, but turn your AC down about an hour or two before bedtime as you don’t need that same level of cooling at night.
  • If you can use a portable unit, try to use it to cool the area you’ll be using, instead of the entire house.
  • Try to close the vents in the lower area of your home (like the basement) so that you can force cooler air up, throughout your home.
  • Ensure that you perform some basic maintenance on the air conditioner unit, so that it can work easier and more effectively.
  • Take a look at the ducts running through the various sections of your home without air conditioning. Ensure that they are insulated so that they will ensure the cool air will continuously flow.
  • Make sure that no items of furniture are blocking the air conditioning vents.
  • Set your air conditioner to run at its optimal performance level, which is approximately 78 degrees, so that it doesn’t use up too much energy.
  • Reduce the amount of heat within your home by turning off the lights – both natural and artificial lighting. Flip the switch and pull the curtains.
  • Have a few fans spinning so that you don’t have to rely solely on your AC unit to do all the work and burn that extra energy.

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