Do you have “check the furnace filter” on your home maintenance to-do-list? Has it been there for weeks or even months? Even though it can be a niggling chore, it is one that will always be worth your time in the long run.

Replacing the air filter in your furnace is usually a simple task that is critical to sustaining the efficient and safe performance of your HVAC system between routine tune-ups. Most notably, it is a major contributor to the overall quality of air in your home. A clogged air filter could cause a handful of airflow and comfort problems including increased energy consumption, insufficient heating through your home, and even the total collapse of your heating system. A clean filter keeps the dust and dirt from accumulating in the system, and avoids costly maintenance and/or untimely component or system failure.

The intervals at which you should change your air filter hinges on several factors. The kind of filter your system needs, the number of occupants in your home, the presence of pets and other external influencers near your home that contributes to your indoor air quality should be considered.

As a rule of thumb, you should be checking your filter monthly, especially during the winter months. Once the filter is dirty, you should replace it. In addition, you should think about replacing your filter more often if you have pets in your home, because of pet dander. And if anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, replacing your air filter more often will help to ease those illnesses. You should change your filter every three months, at the least.

Switching out your air filter is a simple task that countless homeowners opt to take care off on their own. In most instances, the struggle comes in understanding the importance of the task and making it a priority.

Here are some guidelines to follow when replacing a dirty air filter:

  • Figure out what is the appropriate size air filter for your unit and purchase the filter.
  • Turn off your system by switching off the power or breaker to the system.
  • Open the air filter panel, with should be close to the base of your unit to expose an open compartment.
  • The top of this compartment is where you will find the filter, resting on two metal supports.
  • There may a small space allowance to shimmy the filter back and forth as you remove one end and slide it out of the compartment.
  • When putting in the new filter, check the edges of the filter for an arrow that would indicate the air flow direction to ensure that you are mounting the filter in the right direction. The arrow should, in most cases, point towards the top of the furnace.

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