A very important component of an HVAC unit, is its air filter. There are a number of things that your air filter will help to keep out of your breathing atmosphere. Air filters serves as the first line of defense against large objects like loose pieces of insulation, which may cause a fire if they enter the system. It also catches most of the natural particles, (like mold, fungal spores and pet dander), that pollute your home.


Unfortunately, when filters become clogged, it may actually cause your HVAC system to fail and you don’t want that to happen. Below are some of the effects that you may experience when you have a dirty filter.


  • Having a dirty filter in your HVAC system will cause it to have to work harder to push air out. That causes it to use up more energy and thus, hike up your bill or cause your HVAC to wear out because of the immense strain that is put on the system.
  • Having a dirty filter in your HVAC system will mean that your home may not get the air inside it circulated as effectively and as thoroughly as you would like it to be, making you and your family less comfortable. This also means that the temperature sensors may not register the temperature it needs to signal the HVAC system on and off, causing much more strain on the fan motor.
  • Having a dirty filter in your HVAC system will make it very difficult for heated or cooled air to travel out of the unit, making it likely for it to freeze up or overheat.
  • Having a dirty filter in your HVAC system can allow for moisture to accumulate on the material on the air filter and cause mold or bacteria to start growing there. That can unfortunately push allergens and pollutant into the atmosphere inside your home.


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