There needs to be proper maintenance done on your A/C unit in order to ensure that in remains in a good, working condition. Proper cleaning is a big part of maintenance, so you need to do it as frequently as is necessary. This will help your unit to run more efficiently, leaving you and your family more satisfied with the temperature in your home. The following steps are going to guide you on just how to properly clean the coils in your air conditioning unit:


  • You first need to disconnect your air conditioner’s power by using the shut off box near to the unit or the circuit breaker.
  • Now, remove the outer case of the unit. You may have to do this with a screwdriver or a nut driver.
  • After that, remove the top of the air conditioner. Be very careful if you see that the fan assembly is attached to the top of it, so that you don’t damage or stretch any wires.
  • Clean the dirt off the blades of the fan and vacuum the dirt off the fan motor and shaft. Apply a small amount of lubrication to the unit’s lubrication ports.
  • Use a broom to brush dirt away from the surface of the A/C coils.
  • If there’s any dirt still stuck in the coils, use a foam cleaner on your coils and leave it to sit there for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Before you do this, make sure that you cover exposed wires or motors with plastic.
  • Now, spray water from the inside, to rinse the dirt from the coils.
  • Take a close look at the coil fins for damage and straighten the bent coil fins with a special comb. You should probably have a specialist do this for you.
  • After your coils are clean and dry, you can remove the covering plastic from the exposed wires and reassemble your air conditioner coils.


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