If you want to make the most of your heating and save yourself some money on the bills, then consider insulating your attic. We can show you what you need to do in order to correctly insulate your home’s attic.
• Ensure that your attic is clear before you start the insulation process.
• Buy high-density top-up insulation with a soft tissue facing.
• Move the rolls of insulation into the loft and keep them wrapped up while doing so.
• Begin the insulation at the eaves that are furthest from the attic door. Have each piece rolled out in the opposite direction if there is any insulation which is already there, but ensure that you leave a gap open by the eaves so that the air can flow through the attic.
• When joining two rolls, cut the second roll to measure and press the ends tightly together, without leave any gaps.
• Use a foil top up quilt to make the most of your energy saving, by stapling it directly to the rafters.
• Use foil tape to finish any seals.
• Don’t forget to insulate your water storage tanks and pipes so that they don’t freeze when the weather is really cold.
• Insulate your semi-split pipe insulation for your pipes and secure it with tape.
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