No matter the type of storm or what type of harsh climate you experience, there is a way to ensure that you avoid or at least minimalize any damage to your HVAC system. Otherwise, you’d be stuck without one, when you really need it. Here are some of the things you should do when you want to keep your HVAC safe from a storm:


–          You need to cover it so that it won’ get hit by hail or debris. Simply place a thick canvas cover on your system – that way, it can absorb the impact of the hail or debris. You can also use hail guards to help protect the most fragile areas of the unit. Remember though, that when you cover your HVAC unit, you should not use it until the storm is over and you’ve taken the cover off.


–          Don’t use your HVAC unit during the storm because there may be electrical power surges which might harm it. Instead, unplug the unit so that excess currents can’t run into your home. Keep your HVAC turned off until the storm is over.


–          Make sure that your HVAC is installed in an elevated area, so that if your area is prone to flooding, the water won’t affect the unit.


–          Clean up your yard before a storm. Having a lot of objects lying around in your yard can be a hazard in the event of a storm. We’re talking about thing like yard furniture, gardening tools, broken branches and more. Prevent them from being blown around and possibly hitting your HVAC and damaging it.


When the storm is over, we advise that you inspect your HVAC unit for any damage or to ensure that the power situation in your area is good before you turn it on.


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