Every year, there are over 20,000 instances where people visit the emergency room because of carbon monoxide poisoning. This colourless, odourless gas is a silent killer because it is practically untraceable without the use a carbon monoxide detector.

Per the CDC, carbon monoxide, is given off by furnaces, fireplaces, stoves, boilers, and gas ranges so it is more than likely for cases of carbon monoxide poisoning to increase during the colder months when people are trying to warm up their homes. To help keep you safe, here are some tips to safely keep your home warm and cosy.

  • Install a CO detector on each floor of your home and remember to replace the batteries each year.
  • Keep all probable sources of incineration, such as bedding, paper, or clothing, at least three feet away from space heaters, furnaces fire, places, or stoves.
  • Before starting a fire in your fireplace, be sure to check that the chimney damper is open and unobstructed.
  • Do not leave portable heaters or fireplaces unguarded. Turn space heaters off and check that all embers in your fireplace are completely extinguished before leaving the area.
  • Space heaters should always be positioned on the floor, and on a solid, incombustible surface, like concrete or tile. Keep young children and animals away from your space heaters.
  • When obtaining a new space heater, select a model that switches off automatically if the heater happens to tumble over.
  • You should never use a stove to increase the temperature in your home.
  • If your home is equipped with wood and coal stoves, fireplaces, chimneys and gas or oil furnaces, have them professionally inspected and cleaned yearly.


The greatest thing you can do for your heating system and equipment, is to be sure that they are not only up to the task of keeping your home warm during the cold months, but also safe. Remember to always have your furnace scheduled for a tune-up every fall. During your fall tune-up, professional technicians will make sure that your heating system is operating safely with a complete multi-point inspection and cleaning.

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