Maintenance is a must for your air conditioner unit, or for just about any appliance that you need for your home. You should ensure that you perform maintenance on your unit as quickly regularly – some maintenance needs to be done weekly, monthly and some, yearly. We want to focus on the annual maintenance aspects necessary for keeping your air conditioner unit in good shape and in good performance. We’ll show you what they are:


  • Filter changing: These actually should be changed every few months, but they can be changed every year as well. Also, call in the pros to ensure that your air vents and ducts can get a good cleanout as well.


  • Vent cleaning: Once again, these should be cleaned several times a year, but if you haven’t been very consistent, you should clean them right now.


  • Condensing unit maintenance: You need to check your air conditioner unit to see if the condensing unit is being blocked. The condensing unit is the part of the air conditioner which draws air into the unit – it needs to always remain free from blockage. You need to ensure that you remove any leaves, debris or any other items that are blocking your unit.


  • Freon level monitoring: You should never really have to refill or change the freon coolant in your air conditioner, because the air conditioner isn’t actually consuming it. Still, you need to check the freon level out, to ensure that there is no leak or irregularity.


  • General checkup: You need to ensure that every year you check your electrical controls and coils to make sure they’re in good condition. You also need to get a professional HVAC technician to calibrate your unit’s thermostat.


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