If you are experiencing a number of HVAC problems, you might realize that you may begin to feel rather uncomfortable inside your home. You may be experiencing problems such as water dripping, leaking or not draining from the unit as it should, resulting in water accumulating around the indoor unit. There may be a number of repairs that would be necessary for getting your HVAC right back on track.

However, as it relates to some of these repairs, some you can get done by yourself, while others may require the expertise of professionals. Here, we are going to show you two lists of repairs – one for the repairs you can do by yourself and another for the repairs that you must let the professionals handle.

The DIY repairs include the following:
– Unplugged condensate pump
– Leaking boiler drain
– Missing armaflex from the suction line
– Floor drain clogged with dirt
– Moved drain line, which isn’t pitched downward

The professional repairs include the following:
– Trap, drain or condensate pan is blocked
– Condensate pump is faulty
– Pump tubing is blocked
– Indoor coil is frozen because of malfunction
– Evaporator coil is faulty or dirty
– Bad gasket or cracked condensate pan
– Unglued joints
– Broken pipes or fittings
– Leaking or over-filling humidifier
– Cracked, kinked or dry-rotted condensate parts or furnace tubing

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