Saving energy with your air conditioner unit is a great way to cut down on energy costs that can really heat up your budget. Every family or business can appreciate a lower energy bill. To figure out which air conditioner unit you should buy, then you should look for a number of energy-saving features to pinpoint the perfect unit for you. We’ll show you…

• Look for large coils, because they are better for heat transfer.
• Look for high temperature ratings of over 11.6.
• Look for a thermal expansion valve, so that when they weather is at its hottest, it will translate to high-efficiency functioning.
• Look for a variable-speed blower, so that you can lessen the amount of energy used because the AC can tailor its output to fit your needs.
• Look for a fan-only switch that can let you turn off the cooling, but allows the fan to stay running and circulating the natural air.
• Look for an automatic delay fan switch that can keep the fan on long enough to make use of the cool air that remains after you turn the compressor off.
• Look for a filter indicator light so that it can show you when the filter needs to get changed.

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