We’re all familiar with the frigid cold winters in Ottawa and it is no question that a furnace is incredibly important to your home comfort for your family. This crucial piece of equipment in your home is not just a luxury but rather it is a necessity and if you ever had your furnace stop working during the winter then you know first hand just how important your home furnace is for heating your home in the winter.

Well not everything lasts forever and at some point your furnace will need to be replaced. The problem is that there are many choices and options available to consumers and purchasing a new furnace is not like picking up a new pair of shoes. A furnace is a major purchase and you should choose wisely when buying a new furnace. Don’t worry, you will be very prepared for careful consideration of your new furnace appliance with these helpful tips from the home heating and air conditioning pros at Capital City Heating & Cooling in Ottawa.

Quality Furnace Installation

The installation of your home furnace is just as important as the actual furnace unit you decide to purchase. The installation of your new furnace is just as (if not more) important as the brand name sticker on your furnace. Bigger brand names charge a premium for the name and reputation but a poor installation can lead to you having your gas provider turn off the tap if the install is not up to code and can lead to major problems such as fuel leaking and more that can place your family in immediate danger. Choose your furnace installation contractor wisely!


Here are the Top 5 Furnace Buying Tips

1) Efficiency is the key – you want to choose a furnace that is high-efficiency to ensure that your operating costs are low and you also reduce your carbon footprint as a bonus to keep our planet healthy.

2) Choose a contractor to install your furnace that offers a warranty on their work. Don’t get stuck with poor installation problems that lead to having to replace or repair your furnace prematurely. A labour warranty provides peace of mind knowing any issues will be handled and that the contractor stands behind their work.

3) Furnaces are 40% brand and 60% installation. Proper installation will ensure that your furnace performs well and extend the life of your furnace while keeping your energy costs low.

4) Older does not mean better. Just because a brand or model has been around longer does not mean that it is better than newer, high-efficiency models. Of course the major brands have put a lot of money and time into research and product development but there can be quite a big difference in models and the year of creation for each.

5) Check for financing. This is a major purchase so finding a contractor that has financing options available is a big plus!


When you are ready to discuss your new furnace purchase, give us a call. We can help find the perfect furnace for your family. Not all houses are the same size, shape etc. and choosing the right furnace for your home size and the space available for the new home heating system is almost like an art. We have been doing this for soo many years and after hundreds of installs we know exactly what to do and how to do it right.