While you’re at home, you’ve put on your furnace and had it at a comfortable temperature, so now you and your family can feel toasty and wonderful in the cold weather. At some point, you start to feel a little too toasty and your start sweating, or maybe you suddenly start to feel really chilly. That’s the furnace making drastic temperature changes and that shows that you need to take a look at it and make some adjustments to stop the temperature swings from happening.

• Start off by removing the cover of the thermostat. If you’ve got a mechanical thermostat with a mercury switch, then you should mount your thermostat level on the wall with a small torpedo level. That way, it will measure the temperatures accurately.
• Now, you need to use the lever that moves along the calibrated scale to adjust the heat anticipator. Look for the “longer” setting and move the heat-anticipator lever one mark closer to that setting if the furnace shuts off and on too often.
• Move the lever one mark away from the “longer” setting if the furnace lets the room temperature rises too high or drops too low, before the furnace goes off/on.
• Allow the thermostat to stabilize at this setting for a few hours, before you start it going again.
• If you need to, repeat the adjustment or consider replacing your thermostat if all that you’ve tried doesn’t work.

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