If you’ve got a furnace at home and you’re experiencing some very frustrating furnace problems, there may be a number of possible reasons behind your issues. Want to know what they are? Want to fix them? Read the information below and then give us a call for more information or for help.


  • If you have failed to schedule annual furnace maintenance and inspections, then you may realize that you are beginning to experiencing problems and breakdowns. Do regular maintenance so that you can ensure that your heater runs better.
  • If the furnace’s filters are clogged or dirty, then they may reduce the airflow and in turn, cause the furnace to have to work harder to circulate the air.
  • If there is wear and tear in your heater, it may cause airflow problems, heat-control issues or overheating issues.
  • If there are electric ignition or pilot control problems, then you may realize that it’s very hard for you to heat your building. If there are thermostat problems, clogs or drafts, then you may see an unlit pilot light appear.
  • If there is a malfunctioning thermostat, you may experience problems with your heater fans or comfort levels.
  • If you see that your furnace doesn’t heat at all, then there may be problems with the thermostat setting, gas, power or the pilot light.
  • If there is enough heat coming from your furnace, it may be cause d by a clogged filter or because it may be too small for the area you want to heat up.
  • If there is frequent cycling between on and off modes, this may mean that your heater has a clogged filter, a bad thermostat setting or an improper airflow.
  • If your furnace’s blower continuously runs, then this may be a sign that there’s a problem with the limit switch, and it may need replacement.
  • If the furnace is making a lot of rumbling, squeaking, rattling or other sounds, then this may be cause by a clogged burner, airflow reductions, or a mechanical problem.


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