If you’re looking to choose the perfect central air conditioning unit for your residential or commercial building, then you need to ensure that you know the different types of central air conditions there are. We want to describe for you, the attributes of the various central A/C units. Read below.


There is the Split System…

–          It has an evaporator coil which removes heat and moisture from the air

–          It has a condenser coil which releases heat and is located on the outside of your home

–          It has a compressor which pumps refrigerant between two coils

–          It can share ductwork with your heating system


There is the Heat Pump…

–          It is a variant of the split system

–          It pumps heat out of the home during the warmer months

–          It pulls heat from the outdoor air to warm the home during colder weather

–          It is an effective method for heating and cooling your home in mild climate


There is the Packaged Central…

–          It includes an evaporator, a condenser and a compressor, all combined into a single unit

–          It is usually placed on a roof or a concrete slab next to the foundation of your home

–          It is a duct which runs through your home’s exterior

–          It has ducts which run through the exterior of the home

–          It may be combined with a natural furnace or with heating coils


There is the Ductless Mini-Split…

–          It combines the condenser and the outdoor compressor with one or more indoor AC units for homes without ductwork

–          It is usually mounted high on an interior wall

–          Its tubing connects the indoor or outdoor units to circulate the refrigerant

–          It requires that every room has a separate wall unit installed


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