There is no debating the importance of a furnace in Ottawa’s cold winter weather. Having your furnace in peak condition is crucial and this all comes down to maintenance and knowing when your furnace is in need of repair. The other side of this of course is if your furnace breaks and needs to be replaced. So how do you know when your furnace needs repair or maintenance? Well for starters, your furnace HVAC system should be receiving maintenance yearly as a scheduled service. If you are not currently servicing your furnace regularly or cannot remember the last time it was serviced then it is definitely time to book a home furnace inspection and maintenance service.

There are some signs that your furnace needs repair that you can check for as well to ensure you catch warning signs early to avoid having to replace your expensive furnace. Most furnaces have a life span of 15 years and your furnace will last longer to its full potential with regular furnace maintenance and repairs.

Some important warning signs that your furnace needs repairs are the following:

1) If there is water pooling around your furnace.
2) You smell a gas leak
3) There is a sound in the night like a thump, bang or scrape coming from your furnace. Strange noises are definitely a sign of your furnace needing repairs.
4) The air from your furnace blows weakly or not as strong as before
5) Your furnace thermostat stops working properly or altogether
6) Your utility bill all of a sudden sky rockets!
7) Your furnace is blowing cold air
8) There is a frequent or constant cycling
9) Your furnace is close to the end of its life expectancy and is not performing well
10) You haven’t had your HVAC system looked at in a long time

These are things to look out for when you are unsure if your furnace needs repair and catching warning signs early is always best. Do not let it go too long before having your furnace looked at by a professional as waiting can be very costly and unnecessary. Keep your furnace running in top shape and book a furnace repair and inspection today. If your furnace has stopped working and needs to be replaced we can help you out too and recommend some great furnaces for your home in Ottawa.