It is usually a tell-tale indication that you should turn your heaters on when the leaves begin to change colour and the air gets cooler. It is more than possible that your heaters have not been on for several seasons, and may not run as effectively and efficiently as they should when you turn them on.

No Annual Maintenance

Performance issues and unexpected breakdowns are likely to happen when you fail to schedule an annual inspection and tune-up maintenance on your heating. Annual heating system tune-ups and inspections, preferably at the start of the heating season, will allow your heating system to run unfailingly and more efficiently.


Dirty, Old Filters

Old, clogged, and dirty filters can create chaos for your heating system. Not changing your filters can lessen airflow causing your furnace to work harder while trying to mete out heat throughout your home. Not swapping out your system’s filters for lengthy periods of time can cause damage to the limit switch and ultimately causing a problem with the fan controls.


General Wear and Tear

Even normal wear and tear can undesirably affect your heating systems usual performance. Years of regular use will eventually cause subpar performance, airflow issues and overall limited heat control.


Ignition or Pilot Controls Problems

You will experience heating problems in your home if your systems ignition system or pilot is defective or damaged. Difficulties with drafts, clogs or thermocouple may result in an unlit pilot light.


Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat is malfunctioning it can result in problems with your heating systems fan and in due course, your home’s comfort level.


Furnace Will Not Heat at All

When a furnace is not executing its main function, it may be due to problems with the systems power, gas, thermostat setting or pilot light.


Furnace Will Not Heat the Room

A clogged filter can account for your heating system to not produce sufficient heat. Your furnace may also not be the right size for the space it needs to heat.

Frequent Cycling Off and On

If your heating system is flicking “On” and “Off” over brief periods, the issue may be caused by inadequate airflow, clogged filter or a faulty thermostat.


Continuously Running Blower

Malfunctions with your heating system’s limit switch can a reason the system’s blower is constantly running. In a situation like this, it is best to have an expert replace the part.

Furnace Is Too Noisy

Unusual sounds such as squeaking and/or banging are not typical of a properly functioning heating system. These sounds could be caused by a clogged burner, airflow reductions or any number of other mechanical errors.


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