It is not an unusual problem to have your air conditioning unit blowing out warm air. There no need to panic. The following is a list of causes and solutions to help you figure out what’s going on. If you’re not comfortable trying to fix the issue yourself be sure to call Capital City Heating and Cooling to help you out.

Check the Thermostat

First things first, check your thermostat. It is not impossible to find that your thermostat was bumped to turn up the temperature in your home. Your system may also be not set on “auto”, and is instead turned to “on”, the fans will continue blowing air even when your system is not running. To take care of this issues, set your thermostat to auto and you’ll be feeling the cool air in no time.

Check the Filter

If your thermostat is not the problem, try checking your filter. Air will have a tough time passing through old filters. You try installing a new filter and if the cool air still isn’t blowing through your vents, then it may be time to call a professional.


Check the Condenser

It is possible for your outdoor unit to be covered in debris or smothered by weeds that block air from entering the condenser. Try to clear the obstruction if air isn’t flowing as it should into your unit. It might also be a promising idea to clean the entire unit. An HVAC special can do that for you.


Check the Circuit Breaker

You may find that your condenser it isn’t running at all! Your indoor unit would still be running, filling your home with warm air. All being well, all you would have to do is reconnect the power to your unit. Check your circuit breakers ensure that they haven’t tripped, then find the breaker switch which should be on your outside unit. Flip the switch off completely and flip it back on. If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact your favourite HVAC professional to handle the issue.

If you are looking for an experienced and affordable heating and cooling contractor in Ottawa to handle all your Ottawa HVAC needs, then give us a call to get professional help with your central air conditioner, furnace or fireplace for a complete home comfort experience. We have decades of experience in home heating and cooling and Capital City Heating & Cooling provides all HVAC services including heating & air conditioning installation, repair, service & maintenance in Ottawa and surrounding areas.